My Tango Story. A Journey with Mayte Vicens - Documentary by Julia Juliati

By Arlyne Goldberg:

During the recent birthday celebration for the elegant, multi talented, Mayte Vicens, I was privileged to view the Premiere Showing of a spellbinding documentary written and directed by Julia Juliati. It was the most appropriate tribute to honor this much loved dancer, performer, teacher, friend.

An assembled group of 50 enthusiastic supporters sat enthralled with the telling of progress in the complexities of learning the Argentine Tango which Julia amazingly achieved within 3 months of intensive training by Mayte. As an eager, receptive student Julia exceeded expectations in that short time. It’s an accomplishment few can reach. Call it a mutually transformative collaboration.

We heard firsthand from each of the 2 ladies of their background and the hows and whys to reach Julia’s goal. We learned of Mayte’s history, her effective techniques and how her dedication, depth of knowledge, intensity and patience instills passion for the tango. Dancing is a blending of both body and soul, one cannot live without the other. Mayte embodies this in her performances, teaching skills and valuing human relationships.

Why am I writing this review? Easy to answer: I am one of the dozens (maybe even more than hundreds) of Mayte’s admirers. I’ve learned more about myself and gained greater confidence through her constant encouragement. And I’ve appreciated how my two idols (each of whom are half my age) persist in challenging me to succeed.

With exceptional skill, Julia Juliati has presented a professionally photographed film that has all the requisite qualities: a well-written story with its content of sensitivity, humor, understanding; appropriate costuming, namely the classic tango clothes of black and red; and the summarizing conclusion of the two ladies dancing on a lakefront’s wooden dock with only their feet emotionally interacting to the sounds with beautiful shadows and reflections in the background. And the final scene of an exhilarated pair of ladies having a surprising finale.

Watch the Premiere Documentary & Celebration here